What ever your relationship status is, be happy!

Salam hi all..

Relationship status adalah milestones kepada apa yang kita lalui dalam kehidupan status hubungan peribadi kita. Even kalau kita tengok survey sekalipun, ada banyak jenis status hubungan yang ada, pilihlah mana yang berkenaan:

X single
X married
X divorced
X separated
X widowed

Ader banyak kan?? But people still make a fuss about some of these statuses and associated them with negative impressions as if dalam dunia nie only 'married' is consider valuable and good enough and other statuses are considered #$@!?

Some people, are not unfortunate enough to remain/get into married status, but are they a jerk??? Some think they are. And this create psychological problems such as low self esteem, feelings youre not good enough, something is wrong with you, depression, withdraw from social life etc. You internalized what people say about you until you feel as if what they say maybe true.

Relationship status sajer dah ader banyak jenis, so this give an impression that, dalam dunia ini ada banyak jenis hubungan dan pada saya semuanya ada pro and kon masing2. Janganlah kita memperlekehkan status orang lain hanya kerana kita rasa dah selamat berada dalam status yang semua orang nak dan yang dikaitkan dengan kesempurnaan.

Berapa ramai yang physically in married relationship but feeling unhappy/empty/trapped? who silently wished to be single again or out of marriage? Again here, it is about being happy for whatever status you hold at the moment and appreciate and embrace every bit of it. Stop judging others for their relationship status. Yours are not static as well . Your may happily married today, but you can never be sure in 10-15 years time. You may also be single again (divorced, widowed, separated). So please don't give negative label on relationship status of other people. They might appear bad to your eyes, but who know they are happier than you think. 

There are many reasons/stories behind every relationship status in people's life. RESPECT it. It never static,you never know.

whatever your current relationship status is - be an awesome person! 


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