Tag Answers..

Last phone call
The last called i made was at 10.04 am to my friend coz i tak jumpa building L room 112, i was late for the workshop! I lost my way..

Last text message
My love - to reply that i miss him too

Last time you cried
I can't remember...but I cry quite often


Been cheated
Yes and it was hurt. Be honest even though it was a hard thing to do. Menipu lagi mengecewakan..

Kissed someone and regretted it
No. I kissed someone who deserved it, termasuk kucing (is this also considered as 'someone?')

Lost someone special
For the past 3 years, I lost my father and I lost my brother in law, both I loved soo much.


Fallen out of love
Fallen out of love? Why not fallen in love??? I'm in love..

Laughed until you cried
Yes, dia suka buat lawak..

Met someone who changed your life
I am not sure..

Found out someone was talking about you

How many people on your top friends do you know in real life?
I have to check first..give u the answer later blh?

How many kids do you want to have
Many. Satu team bola sepak blh?

Does u have any pets
I used to have one, but not at the moment. I love pets and I will have them in the future.

Do you want to change your name
I love my name. Sasterawan negara tergila2kan I, tak caya tanya A Samad Said..hehehe

What time did you wake up today
8.30 am, actually I tried to wake up earlier than that but I couldnt open my eyes. Nie gara2 tak tido sehari suntuk a day before..

What were you doing at midnight last night
I was sleeping..zzzzzz

Name something you cannot wait for
Finish my PhD (OF COURSE!)

Last time you saw your father
I simply couldn't answer this question. It broke my heart.

What's one thing you wish you could change
I wished my arwah ayah msh hidup tuk lihat sy menyempurnakan impiannya.

What's getting on your nerves right now
My PhD-lah..aper lagi..adush..

Elementary/Primary School
SRK Tabuan - I met my super duper senior di Australia hari nie, haha kecik dunia

Middle/Secondary School
SMK Pending - baca entry sy about message pending - failed!

Hair color
Hitam, I wish I could change my color to red for only a day. Red color reflects someone who daring and out spoken even without open his/her mouth. how it feels to be different?

Long or short
Long one. I haven't cut my hair for about 3 years

Want kids?
Of course I want.

Want to get married?
Well, in order to have kids I have to get married first lah...so??


Kissed a stranger
Not in a million years.

Lost glasses/contacts
No. Lost my glassess would be like lost half of my sight..

Ran away from home
Never, but I did run away from someone.

Broken someone's heart
Sometimes you simply couldn't avoid this. I am sorry..

Been arrested
No. Sy budak baik..

Cried when someone died
Yes. Losing someone is never been easy.

Is there one person you want to be with right now?
My family, my loves one.

Do you believe in God?
I belief in Allah 100%


wa..nk 1 team bola sepak...???dhsyat tu kak..tp ank2 kn cahaya mata..msti sonok ank rmi2 kn..? :)
oh, nma akak Salina ye..?sma ngan nma my mum..tp my mum ade H kt blkg..SalinaH..hehe.. ;)
Cengkih78 said…
salam, eh ye ker? warh, bestnyer..sama nama ngan mak u..

i jadik mak angkat u jerlah..hehe

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