Not enough love to get married? Oh com'on!

Sin Chew Daily reported that for the first time, Hong Kong singer-actor Andy Lau has come forward to deny that he would marry Malaysian Carol Chu at the end of this month.

“No such thing. There is still not enough love for me to get married,” he told reporters in Hong Kong on Monday.

Lau urged the reporters to check with those who spread the rumours about his impending marriage.

Reporters had camped outside Chu’s house in Bukit Jalil when the couple was said to be coming to Malaysia to make preparations for their wedding.

However, the couple did not turn up at the house.


kalu tak silap couple nie dah lebih 20 thn bersama. couple since msg2 umur 20+ and now dah late 40+. hari tu dlm news paper ada rumours (note: no kesahihan about this fact so beware with this information) mengatakan yg Andy Lau tak jadi kawin sbb dia mendapati girlfriendnya tak pregnant spt disangkakan. kalu pregnant akan kawin, tak pregnant tak kawinlah. and now - not enough love to get married? just listen how ridiculous that may sound. i can't believe this guy...after 20+ years? oh com'on.


Alice said…
tuan punya badan sendiri yang tahu sebabnya..hihihi.....orang lain cuma papparazi..tak tahu hujung pangkalnya...
tht's better than those who don't really know him, afraid to share opinion, but decided to marry him after been pressured by the bf..sounds stupid huh?
Cengkih78 said…
hi alice,

who are u talking about? aik main paksa2 pulak? sama ajer kesnyer.
Alice said…
sapa so called sis in law la...kenal tak lama, cakap pun segan2, rasa tak puas hati pun tak berani komplen, alih2 komplen kat bapa sendiri aje...and this is the guy that she's goin to get married end of the year...
I wish her good luck..and pls don't come back crying after that
Cengkih78 said…
ohhh, kesiannyer dia. kalu dia rapat ngan u kan best. blh u bagi nasihat percuma, tak payah bayar. kaunselor profesional lagi tu

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