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Tentang Mati

Salam Rabu,

Bersawang sudah blog ini. Kesibukan atau saje menyibuk.

Ya, hari ini tentang mati..

Lately banyak kes kematian berlaku, buat saya terfikir sendiri tentang ajal sendiri.

Husband pun banyak kali cakap tentang mati. FYI, abang husband meninggal di bulan Ramadhan. I think when someone dearly or close to us died, it makes us think about our own death. About our life, how we lead our life, whether we are satisfied with it and so on.

Lagi-lagi me yang akan menganjak ke siri 4 tak lama lagi, makes me think about death to a new level, i mean seriously thinking about what to do with saki baki hidup. My own observation, purata kita hidup ialah 60+, if you can reach 70+ consider yourselves lucky. So, plus minus if you are in your 40s, you have about 20 more years to live. I would say that 20 more years are not much time left.

Reorganize life --

People's life begin at 40.

I think this is the age where you reorganize your life again, to prioritize. Sebab dah terasa masa bersisa itu …