Pan's Labyrinth

note: i watched this movie last nite on sbs channel. what a great movie. the ending for me is inconclusive. it depends on ur interpretation of things and your perspective about what the girl had gone through. for me both can be truth. she's alone, creative, love fairy tale stories and simply wanted to get out from real world that not really impressive (lots of war, cruel stepfather and a very ill mother). she despised her new life. so it might be that, all her imagination, she sought ways to escape. when she unable to escape physically, she tries to escape mentally - by having this imagination. but tragic ending - she died.

this film won 3 academy awards - best cinematography, best of direction and best make up. this film was released in 2006. spain movie.

kdg2 beralih filem negara lain best jugak. love the soundtrack.

sinopsis citer? sini


maiyah said…
menarik cite nih.. ada yg tersirat bleh wat pengajaran n ia ada bersangkut gak dgn kehidupan realiti cuma tidaklah sumanya dlm cite tu ada yg bersangkut ye takifi

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