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Nujum pak gurita dan piala dunia

psychic octupos..huhuhu aper2 jerlah..

Disastrous news for England fans ahead of the crunch last-16 match with Germany on Sunday: an octopus in Germany with a perfect track record of predicting World Cup matches has predicted a German win. Two plastic boxes containing tasty morsels, one with a German flag and one with an England flag, were lowered into the tank that houses Paul the octopus at his home in Sea Life in Oberhausen, western Germany. Paul immediately climbed into the German box to a huge roar of approval from the crowd. Earlier in the tournament, the mollusc medium correctly predicted Germany would beat Ghana and Australia in their group D matches and was also right to predict they would lose to Serbia. And the eight-legged oracle is also coming off a run of good form at major championships. He had an 80 per cent record for Germany games at the European Championships.England fans have reason to feel somewhat betrayed by his latest prediction. Paul should by rights…

Blood kid


lama dah tak memblog, sori busy dgn thesis and fasa2 akhir di australia. i'm going home sooner! just to cheer you guys with this cool video. as usual, i ceduk from you tube. i never get bored watching this one..the way he pronounced blood so hillarious to me..BLUUDEH! and see his face..kelakar sgt. ayah dia pun satu, gelak2 kan dia sampai dia hangin satu badan...


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