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In time of need: SOS

Guys,I may not be able to write this blog for a few weeks or as usual as i have to go back to Malaysia to support my family in need. My brother in law is in critical condition and after some consideration, decided to go home and give my support - whatever the result maybe. But, deep in my heart, i pray for the best..and the best is always in God's hand. Terbangun awal, after receiving not so good news about his current condition. my family prepared for the best..and so do i (didnt i?). Actually, to be honest, i'm not prepared. My familly has just lost my beloved father a few years back. And i know, we still misses him so much especially my mum. Kesedihan kehilangan tu msh blum sepenuhnya hilang (or mungkin sbnrnya takkan hilang) and now another ujian dtg.
Dalam keadaan spt ini, hari dimana masa selalunya terasa terlalu cepat berlalu jadi mcm 'terlalu panjang dan lama' untuk ditempuhi. Especially for me yang kena travel jauh to be there in Msia. Sakit/kematian > its …

Mimpi kita berbeza

Just wanna share my personal experience about dreams. I dont know about others, but i have this kind of dreams, the same pattern of dreams, different situations, different people, different places, but always about one core phenomenon >>> i'm moving/travelling..always on the other places..dont know where, but i'm moving anyway..travelling..going somewhere..

pelik..kenapa asyik mimpi travelling? selalu dlm keadaan hendak pergi ke satu2 tempat. kdg2 tau nak pergi mana, kdg2 tak tau..tapi dlm perjalanan

agaknya samalah dgn my life skrg..ntah bila akan settle down, asyik 'berjalan' ajer..
or agaknya ada sesuatu dlm hidup nie yg blum lagi ku temui..

Got my house back

Alhamdulillah, I've got my house back. No need to move out, no extra cost for living..and live my life as usual..

At last, keadaan yg spt 'end of the road' akhirnya bertemu jalan penyudah yg menyenangkan. Thank you God. Alhamdulilah..