My soulmate

Someone asked, 'macam ner nak kenal seseorang tu soulmate kita?'

i find that question, very hard to answer, really...

soulmate? hmmm

susah nak jwb tu..

rasa2nya soulmate tu, those who really understand who you are, who can handle you the way other people failed to do so. when both of you have so much differences to tell but yet the differences complement each other.

someone who effortlessly win your heart, sometimes, they even did not realise that, while others work extra hard just to win you heart (but still without success)

someone who when you look at him/her for the first time, you feel that instant connection, as like that person has something..but, you dont know what it just... something?? your relationship, who commit him/herself through thin or thick that happened in relationship without changed a bit. that person deserved to be crowned as your soulmate because, despite you may feel that someone is for you 'out there'..he/she proved him/herself to love you more than you realised.

soulmate is you to natured, not something that happened like a lucky number @ nombor ekor.

created yourself now, to be soulmate for someone.


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