Lollipop : claim ur price here

Justify FullI should never make any promise to my love buddy - cute Doraline @ Emon @ Anna the king about the price she could get after she successfully beat the tukang tipu at KL Centre recently. She won 'proton perdana' tipu by gores and menang competition. Luckily, she escaped the ploy. And i accidently said, i will give u lollipop for that. NOw, she insists to claim her price, asking me ' where is my lollipop??" oh dear-oh dear-oh dear

Okaylah, here you go. i didnt say that you can get a real lollipop, it could be anything rite (self excuses, buddy). not necessarily something that u can chew and slurrrrrrrrrrpppp around, it maybe..hmm, something you can't taste but you can see?? (theee)

Okay-okay enough talking, now choose which one you like most? I've got many flavours and it comes from different shapes..pretty-pretty one. this frog lollipop pun sure sedap (or is it doraemon?)
But, i do believe that you will opt for this lollipop, one of the kind (wink-wink)

So? Hurry up..make your choice..tell me huh which one..


Doralin Lee said…
I want the first one.... and the second one.... but the heart shape one look so nice.... the frog one look so cute.... I WANT ALL sekali can ah?

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