Hari nie dah msk 3 hari tak kuar rumah. Terperap dlm bilik nak cuba faham Strauss Corbin and Charmaz about the grounded theory. I was so happy a few days back, hoping that once i read it, i can understand the concept, procedures, techniques, whatever u call it. But, the more i read, the more i get confused myself, especially when they discussed on theorizing, how to generate theory from data, and conceptualising?? oh gosh, it certainly makes me more confused. the consequences is, i'm here, in my room, in this house, not going anyway..for 3 days now!!

Luckily, ada blog nie. i decided to upgrade my blog, it looks sooooooo sickly plain and lost of soul. i just hope that, this blog will not going to be contiminated by phd student like me yg tgh stuck nie. huhuhu..

Find some interesting blog as well, it cheer me up a bit, it soo good to be able to share ur personal journey in a blog. sometimes people didnt realise that some simple things they did and put in a blog make others happy. therefore, i try my best, to be more personal with my blog, i hope. maybe to share my journey as a phd student, all ups and down that i experience along the way before i reach the final line. i hope people would not get sick or depressed by it as well..hahaha..

Okay. hmmm..i put Heart Alone for those who visit my blog. Hope they like it. I'm a retro person at heart.



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