Posted on Thursday, March 11, 2010

Kawin ngan bantal pulak daaaaahhhhh!

A man in South Korea has married the love of his life and she may be the perfect partner – soft, cuddly, quiet and free from arguments. The main difference between this love affair and a regular one is 28-year-old Lee Jin-gyu's new wife is made from material, a pillow, to be precise. Lee fell in love with the body pillow, which has a printed image of Fate Testarossa, a character in an anime series. The UK Metro reports a friend of Lee said when he goes out to eat, the pillow goes with him. "It gets its own seat and its own meal," the friend said.
"He is completely obsessed with this pillow and takes it everywhere. "They go out to the park or the funfair where it will go on all the rides with him."

resource: Yahoo7news australia

note: entri yg lepas, kalu msh ingat, sy ceritakan pompuan yg kawin dgn tembok berlin, pastu bila tembok berlin runtuh jatuh cinta ngan pagar kebun pulak. nie ada lagi satu CINTA BUTA, yg sukar utk dimengerti. takde lain yg sy fikirkan melainkan - U NEED HELP! aduh, pelik betul orang sekarang nie..semakin pelik. nielah agaknya kebebasan hak asasi manusia, jadilah aper pun nak jadik, segala peraturan kehidupan manusia dah semakin takde, main bedal jer. Read More

2 Responses to Kawin ngan bantal pulak daaaaahhhhh!

  1. kakzana
    March 12, 2010 at 12:42 AM
    Dah tak tau bezakan manusia dgn benda mati, tu la jadinya...
  2. maiyah
    March 12, 2010 at 5:27 AM
    kuang kuang kuang.. memacam le plak