From Beirut to Jerusalem: buku yg hilang

Ini rentetan entri sblm ini yg saya buat berkenaan Israel-Palestine. I still remembered last year i went to Border Bookshop, looking for this book. I couldnt remember where i got the information or knew about the existence of this book, but i was so interested to have a copy. But to my surprise (Border bookshop is equivalent to kinokuniya/MPH in msia - how big it is can you imagine?), takder buku nie langsung!

but again, Aus nie pun strong supporter for israel, do you think they would have this book in their bookshops? no i dont think so - that's what i concluded at the time, and balik ke rumah dgn kecewa. 

why so interested anway? - sebab media bias in reporting about what really happened during Shaba & Shatila massacre. pembunuhan beramai2 rakyat palestine segala dgn bulldozer, phusphorous bombs and vacuum bombs. and this bring me to the above woman in picture - Dr Ang Swee Chai (the author of the book from Beirut to Jerusalem), an orthopaedic surgeon based in London,eye-witness the Sabra-Shatila massacres, while doing voluntary work there. beliau seorang israel supporter, spt kebanyakan kita, misled by the information. tapi apa yg dialaminya sendiri benar2 membuka mata apa yg terjadi di shaba dan shatila. so she wrote the book. 

dibawah ini, link ttg sedikit sebanyak intipati buku from beirut to jerusalem and talk yg dia bagi di London. suka diingatkan - gambar2 dan apa yg anda baca - very horrifying to your eyes and soul, so pastikan anda cukup kuat membacanya. to be honest, i shed lots of tears while reading and watching all the photos. overwhelming facts, emotionally intense stories of survivors, and those who killed beyond imagination. bitter truth. i couldn't imagine myself in those places. klik bwh ini utk link:

for me - aperpun beza agama dan budaya, kita harus cuba mengintegrasikannya, hidup dlm harmoni dan saling hormat menghormati. sama2 menjaga kepentingan demi keamanan. pembunuhan, penyingkiran sistematik, dlm bentuk apa sekalipun, adalah satu kesalahan kemanusiaan, apatah lagi melibatkan nyawa manusia tidak berdosa termasuk orang2 tua dan kanak2.

"The slaughter of unarmed children, women, the aged and the infirm was shocking. For me, I was doubly outraged that I had to discover the truth about a brave and generous people only through their deaths. Until then, I never knew Palestinian refugees existed. As a fundamentalist Christian, I had been a supporter of Israel, hated Arabs and saw the Palestinian Liberation Organisation as terrorists to be loathed and feared."
Extract from the back cover of her book "From Beirut To Jerusalem"

'Palestinian kids appeared all over the place, making victory signs with their wee hands. The kids knew no fear. The Israelis arrested a three-year-old boy for throwing stones, and they threatened him: "You're only three and shouldn't know how to throw stones at us. Someone must have taught you. Tell us who taught you, or else..." The little boy replied, "My brother." That was it. Fully-armed Israeli soldiers picked up the toddler and stormed into his home looking for his brother. They found him in a corner playing - he was only one year older than his baby brother!'

Life - what life is like to us?
Our hearts have died and our tears have dried
for all the men and women who fell.

God All Mighty give us patience,
and our children - may our love be a lantern to Your path
and may God show me the holy way

Doctor, please go away -
you have reopened all our wounds,
we are so weary, what is there to say?

Our western media talks about peace, but they have forgotten the main ingredient of peace which is justice. I've known this for a long time. This was peace - lebanon 1982. After the Israeli invasion of Lebanon there were five peace plans. All of them failed because none of the peace plans talked about justice. And today - the same, people talk about peace - the road map and so on - but which one of them talks about justice? Certainly there can be no peace without justice...
salam kedamaian utk semua


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lavender, dah pernah baca blog satuhala?? sekadar berkongsi info.
Cengkih78 said…
salam, blum, but thx for the info. looking forward to see the blog.

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