3D tvs to hit Malaysian homes next month

KUALA LUMPUR: Great news for couch potatoes! 3D TVs will be arriving on Malaysian shores by mid-April.
Samsung has confirmed that its range of 3D TVs will be available for retail next month.
Samsung Malaysia Electronics Sdn Bhd marketing director Jimmy Tan said there would be multiple choices available – starting from 40-inch models – but prices had yet to be determined.
“We are very excited with this new technology,” he said. “This is a new offering to the customer and will add on to his enjoyment of watching movies and sports content.

utk details here

note: aiya..the last thing i want is to watch tv with another pair of gogle like spectacles! cukuplah pakai cermin mata yg ada. nie nak tambah lagi?? bukan bermata 4 lagi dah, bermata enam for sure. not for me. ingat lagi last time me and my friends pergi tgk Avartar 3D, cermin mata besar gajah..blh lagi kami buat aksi renang ala-ala meng-gogling. hehehe. sungguh kelakar rupernya.


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