Posted on Saturday, November 17, 2012

Books i bought but haven't yet read

Saya mengaku saya ulat buku. Even masa sekolah dulu kawan2 lelaki selalu usik saya bau buku :-)

I never feel being insulted. I accept that statement as a compliment. My passion about books is hard to die. Until now. I still remember..when i was young..always curik2 reading my brother text books just bcause i had finished reading mine! Haha.

And i still remember..made a fuss about my mum pinggan mangkuk collections n swore to god that i would buy alots of books as my collections instead. How true this become...

Baru jer habis baca buku "the help". Fuh! And i just realised i still have few books on my shelf that i hvnt yet read. Terrible...beli setiap bulan..pantang nampak buku beli..

At least ader 5 buku baru beli yg blum For this coming 5 months..perlu tahan nafsuku utk membeli buku baru. Buku kt umah ader 5 blum dibaca..LIMA!

Sila jangan membazir. Lima bulan bekalan..sampai tahun depan...

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