Pasca Raya - buah eksotik Sarawak

Salam pasca raya untuk semua..

Memang blog ini sudah sunyi dari entri-entri terkini. Banyaklah sebabnya, busy, takder idea, paling selalu ialah MALAS. Ahaha..lagipun sy mmg agak selektif dlm memilih entri, sy tak berapa gemar entri yang terlalu peribadi/emosional/kontroversial. Walau kadang2 ada byk idea nak dicurahkan utk respon isu2 yg ada, tapi sy msih memikirkan kesan dari penulisan itu kepada diri sendiri dan orang lain. Sy nie low profile dlm dunia tenet nie, salah satu sbb mgp sy takder facebook, people can do anything about your infomation once they get it via internet - for worst or for better. I just play safe, BUT again, there is no guarantee as well even if you are too discreet. in today world, people can easily get information about you if they choose they wanted to isn't it?

Enough with the pointless entry, today i'm gonna talk about something exotic about Sarawak foods/fruits. I know some of you already know some of exotic dishes here in Sarawak, for example - Umai, this dishes is quite popular i belief because i've seen lots of articles in magazines/tv programmes about this unique dishes. Some people equate this unique dishes as to  that of Sushi. I couldnt agree more. I love Umai as well, something i will look for every time i come to Sarawak, specially during Ramadhan. Love the sweet, sour, spicy taste of this dishes. A must try!

Now, for those who still dont know about these two unique fruits of Sarawak, let me introduce you to buah DABEY and buah NGKALAK . These two fruits are very unique as I've never seen these fruits at any places in Peninsular. Maybe you can find these fruits in Borneo - Sabah or Kalimantan. There is a special way to eat Dabey and Ngalak. You definitely cannot eat it raw/just like that. 

I'm not sure if other people have special way to eat buah Dabey, but ever since my mother introduced this Dabey to me, she soaked buah dabey into hot water and leave it for about 15-30 minutes before you can eat it. Very delicious to eat along with nasik putih panas. Alternatively, you can make this dabey like pickles, soaks it in ketchup souce for 1-2 days before you eat it. I love the latter.
Buah dabeyyy

 And below is dabey - also a very unique fruits. Actually i dont know whether it is the correct thing to do to categorise dabey/ngalak as fruits or vegetables. Not so sure. how to eat it?? similar to dabey, soak it in hot water and leave it for few minutes. after that, take away buah ngkalak and sprinkle with salt or ketchup and tadaaa, ready to eat. the taste?? dabey/ngkalak - lemak2 kata orang Melayu. but dont be surprised, even lots of Sarawakian dont know how to eat these two fruits. But if you are a very adventures person, love the challenge and want to taste something different, you can try dabey and ngkalak once in Sarawak. its not difficult to find these fruits, just go to local market like Satok or ordinary wet local market, you can find it with a cheap price.

Buah ngkalak

my only advice - dont eat it raw!


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