Time goes by so fast...

These pictures have nothing to do with my topic. i chose these photos because I like the expressions and the colors. refreshing.

Baru-baru ini sy diamanahkan menjaga rumah kawan yang pulang bercuti ke Iran selama 3 bulan. Sy memegang kunci rumahnyer dgn ingatan untuk menengok2 rumahnyer sepanjang dia kepergian. Sy tanpa byk soal pun mengiyakan saja, kerana sy berasa mampu melaksanakan tanggungjawab itu. Hanya melihat2 rumah, yg sy fikir hanya mengambil masa saya tidak lama.

dia kembali ke Iran dan saya menjalani kehidupan seperti biasa: pergi balik kerja, buat PhD corrections, buat kerja, balik kerja..rutin harian..

as time goes by...

'Hey, I have just arrived in KL.' Nie lebih kurang bunyi sms-nyer. Sy yg ketika itu sedang membuat keje di rumah (weekend pun buat keje kat rumah?? unfortunately yes..lecturers workloads skrg nie byk, homework is not uncommon these days) terkujat sekejap?? aik? so early?? she said to me last time for three months..

I replied. "Is it 3 months already??" and to my surprise she replied back 'Yes'. I was like OMG!

2 perkara disini:

1. How bad I am, orang amanahkan tgk rumah, I keep saying to myself..okay next week i will pay a visit. and the other next week..okay tomorrow..then tomorrow i got something else to do and i simply forgot.okay next week lah! now its 3 months already.

2. time goes by so fast. whether we realise it or not. 3 months now feel like nothing.

luckily nothing bad happened. cuma sy tak sangka dah 3 bulan berlalu. moral of the story, if you have urgent things to do, better not delay it, if possible, take the matter immediately. this is applicable in everything we do everyday. time is getting shorter and shorter, faster and faster (at least this is how i feel). so if you do unproductive things (dreaming all day, doing nothing at all, just being a coach potato), just imagine all the valuable time that you just wasted. not everyone is kind enough to remind you about how you spend your time. most of the time, it must come from your own self-conscious.

as for me, this story is not just talking about how neglectful i am can be sometimes, but also reflects how far I have progressed within the period. sob..sob..i feel nothing much.

some people say that you feel that time goes by so fast when you are having fun....but am I???


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