Posted on Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hari tanpa beg plastik

 For those who went for shopping yesterday must realise that yesterday, almost all big market (i dont know about the small one) wont give you plastic bags whenever you purchase something from their shop. Fortunately, i always bring my shopping bag - recycle bag that i brought from melbourne. well supply huh? I had an opportunity to talk to one of cashiers on duty that day about public respond on such thing.

quite surprised...

she said..'ala kak, penat hari nie nak explained ngan customer pasal no plastic bag today. penat ckp, penat kena marah. customer tak suka.'

and i have this big question in my mind, like..


come on Malaysian people. kita ckp pasal greener environment..talking and talking not enough you know. be part of it. not just talking about what the government should do, that people should do..but ask yourself, whats your contribution for Malaysia environments....baru sehari tanpa bag plastik sudah mau marah kah? aiya..what an attitude...

i believed that all of us should be part of this program. at least show your support. the government dont ask much, just bring your own friendly recycle bag whenever you go shopping. if one household can do it, you can imagine if all Malaysian doing the same thing?? 

you can get recycle bag very easily nowadays, its not like looking for  tong sampah 3 warna. (if you know what i mean). most of shops/market, they make it ready for can ask and buy and keep it and bring it next time you go for shopping again. no harm done! and you can safe budget some more coz you dont have to pay the cost for that plastic bag!

 show your support for a better and greener Malaysia!
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2 Responses to Hari tanpa beg plastik

  1. ♥ shiMawar ♥
    September 26, 2010 at 5:28 PM
    wa..sis dh ade kt Malaysia ek..bes x raya kt Malaysia..? :) klu kt TESCO hari Isnin adalah hari tanpa beg plastik..klu nk jgk, kena bayar 20sen bg 1 plastik rasanye..

    sume ni utk sbb x biasa lg, mmg susah sket org nk terima..ape2 pn, mmg kena ubah attitude, baru bleh..slagi x, mmg takkan berjaya kot..erm..
  2. Cengkih78
    September 26, 2010 at 8:44 PM
    salam shi,

    yes dah ader kat malaysia!!! seronok balik msia rayer kali nieh.