book of the month

Books..always make me happy. Never get bored reading them. A book store is a must place to go whenever i go for shopping.

Tpi ader jgk beli buku but never finish reading it. Examples:

One day - forgot the author
Fifty shades of grey - e l james

Both of these books are best seller. Again..its up to individual preference. My friend is grazy about 'one day'. Dh jd motion picture pun but i read it half way sajer. Xder yg umph that can keep me going..but i think this book still much2 better than el james book. Iyerk...never thought buku yg people recently grazy about ini termasuk buku kategori erotic romance. need to xplain further..u know what its all about. My mistakes. Main beli jer..dh belek2 kt umh baru tau buku aper.

Ok. Moral if the story - belek dulu n tgk samada kna ngan citarasa ke tidak...jgn ikut org!

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