Handphone cap ayam

Chinese new year tidak ke mana2, busy dgn pelbagai urusan peribadi, balik rumah penat dah so duduk rumah jer. Ketensionan sbb hp nokia baru bli jatuh bbrp kli (benci diri sendiri) dh bengong n consider rosak. I kind of like it though. Ringan n with superb camera quality n ready Microsoft office. So, out of desperation..went out to the mines shopping mall, to look for a new HP. In my mind, I thought that not samsung, I'm too familiar with the device, kind of boring, n no Nokia coz I feel like buying another Nokia within 3 months is kind of like..stupid. I better send my existing Nokia for fix service kan. So I was thinking yesterday I better try other brands so out of spur, without giving myself a second thought, just bought lenovo hp. I'm pretty sure mine is AP version coz the buku panduan language is in Chinese, don't understand a word of it. Or worst, fake Chinese product cap ayam, with the price of rm750. Now after a while of trying it, I am 50-50, like it n at the same time hate it. Too lazy too explain more why 50-50. Moral of the story...do your review first before buying any hand phone. I mean..seriously review every details about your fav HP. And jgn cuba2 bli brand baru u not familiar about.


Anonymous said…

so beli ke tak HP tu??

apa FB untuk Zenia ?

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